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We have prepared programs to guide you to a better life and face new hopes and opportunities.

In our counseling and therapy facility, you will be accompanied by experienced counselors who will serve as your guide. Our experts will deliver a range of quality programs that meet your needs and goals for a better quality of life. We provide a therapeutic setting for treatment and recovery for various mental issues and challenges. We provide and supervise behavioral health care programs for our residents. Our services are available to people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and mental disabilities.

Medication Assistance, Education, and Monitoring

Medications, combined with counseling, may help you get the best results from your treatment plan. Medication adherence is critical to those suffering from mental disorders. We can provide you with the assistance you need with your mental health medication. Our clinicians strive to help you achieve your goals using the right medicines.

Comprehensive Assessment

It is in our best interests to understand the situations each individual is facing, and we try, with all our expertise and resources, to help them. This will help us identify individual needs so each client is provided with a personalized treatment plan developed specifically to meet their unique needs.

Individual & Group Counseling

Mental health issues can seem like singular experiences. However, a multi-support network is what many people really need. One-on-one context of individual therapy can be used for more sensitive topics and personal feelings but there are certain contexts too in which group counseling is useful.

Anger & Behavior Management

Our counselors can help a person decrease the emotional and physical responses that aggressive and other harmful behaviors can cause to themselves and other people. Behavior management uses various techniques to effectively help anyone cope with their irritable behaviors.

Depression, Stress, & Anxiety Counseling

Depression and anxiety affect people in different ways. Fortunately, these are treatable. Stress, anxiety, and depression are not something you can just snap out of. They require professional treatment. With psychotherapy and medications, you can feel better.

Substance Abuse and Relapse Prevention

Addiction is just as much psychological, emotional, and social as it is physical dependence. It takes a team of behavioral specialists and substance abuse recovery professionals to change harmful habits and help create a new lifestyle free from dangerous substances. We offer Substance Abuse Disorder treatment and recovery services for your loved ones.

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